Captain Fawcett's Beard Set

Captain Fawcett's Beard Set

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Captain Fawcett's remarkable products are a commitment to tradition, which is why the Folding Pocket Moustache Comb makes an incredible tribute to nostalgic charm. It also pairs incredibly well with a moustache wax or most beard product.

Captain Fawcett's Folding Pocket Moustache Comb is a must for all proudly moustachioed.

Notable for its fine-cut teeth and smooth mahogany finish, this pocket-sized moustache comb is a perfect sculpting and detailing tool.

Captain Fawcett's Private Stock Beard Oil 

This oil contains an exotic blend of essential oils, fused with sweet almond, jojoba, and Vitamin-E. 

Captain Fawcett's "Private Stock" Beard Balm contains a unique blend of cedarwood, black pepper, patchouli, sweet almond, and palmarosa essential oils.

It additionally includes five base creams that assist in making this multi-purpose balm an excellent companion to all beards, as it helps to keep them looking healthy and hydrated while promoting shine when shaping and styling.

Captain Fawcett's Beer'd Shampoo is a delightful beard-wash containing Indian Pale Ale, malt, hops, and yeast.

This beard wash carries an aroma striking similarity to a top-shelf craft beer and guarantees to flare nostrils.

It also makes an excellent gift option for men of all styles and distinctions and can help your business stand out, as this Captain Fawcett product is incredibly unique with vintage appeal.