Cocktail Sugars & Salts

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The perfect cocktail is not complete until finished with Snowy River all natural cocktail sugar rimmers - Turn every cocktail into a true work of art! Made from the finest sugars and natural ingredients to ensure the brightest colors, a great sweet taste, and a crystal size which provides an even application to the rim of any glass - dress up your favorite margarita - your favorite cocktails - or add flair to any party! But this isn't just for adults, add our naturally colored sugars, chocolate treats or mixed blends to your kids party drinks. Or alternatively use them for cake or cookie decorating, on ice cream or to turn a an average desert into a real masterpiece. Snowy River cocktail sugar contains no artificial colors or preservatives and our flavors are amazing for use in a host of fun applications!

This all natural Holiday Joy colored salt blend is a rich tapestry of green, red and white colored salts and sugars to add the perfect taste combination to any cocktail or beverage. At the heart of our cocktail salt is the kosher salt itself, chosen for its flavor, texture and solubility. Importantly kosher salts are all natural and do not contain iodine thus ensuring a more delicate salt taste for cocktail and beverage application.From the first hint of the all natural kosher salt through to the amazing fruit and veg based coloring, these salts add a fresh, natural taste and look to any margarita or cocktail.  
Made in United States