Delicious Desserts

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Just add a few ingredients to the mix and you'll have dessert ready in no time!!  These make GREAT gifts!!

Mississippi Delta Fudge Pie - Rich, moist, fudgey and intensely chocolate! Wonderful warm with ice cream or cold to just eat with your fingers! Everyones favorite pie, young or old!

Southern Praline Pie - Each bite is filled with brown sugary crunch, dark, rich and luscious! You'll think of New Orleans when you enjoy the flavor of the Souths favorite candy - Pralines! Our mix doesn't include's so good plain! But add pecans or walnuts or'll be even happier!

Plantation Pie - Luscious combination of chocolate chips and coconut! Men absolutely love this pie! Imagine a candy bar you can eat with a fork! Then imagine it warm from the oven!

Chess Pie - Its rich, gooey, sugary and comforting! Your granny might have called it Buttermilk Pie or Sugar Cream Pie! We call it delicious!

All American Apple Cake - An Old fashioned favorite in our family! Speed scratch at its finest - light cinnamon flavor and moist tender texture will make you crave our Apple Cake again and again! It stays deliciously moist and flavorful for days, but your family won’t be able to stay away from this delicious favorite! The mix makes a large cake baked in a 9 x 13-inch pan. Make the cake with pineapple, pumpkin or peaches as a variation! Enjoy plain, with whipped cream, ice cream or with our Toffee Crunch Cheese Cake Ball as an icing!

 Lake Shackleford Lemon Pie Mix

The flavor is truly tart with a burst of lemon flavor in a rich custard pie! Tastes fresh because its all natural. A real lemon-lovers pie!