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The perfect way to be sweet and get your point across!  100% natural soy wax. Blended with essential oils and hand poured in the USA. Our candles are cruelty free, and contain no gross goop. No carcinogens, no parabens, no phthalates, ever! A portion of all our sales help empower underprivileged women by supporting the amazing non-profit Friendship Bridge. 

Go Shawty - Feed me cake and tell me I’m pretty! Girl, your birthday is gonna be so lit! Lay back, make a wish and hit the ultimate sugar high with notes of delicious gooey butter cream and candied vanilla (plus everything’s better with sprinkles!) xo SMELLS LIKE Birthday Cake, Gooey Buttercream, Gourmand, Bourbon

Calm the F DownIf Zen were a fragrance, this would be it. Get back to your natural state: chill AF. You’re a blissed out, balanced babe at heart. Quit stressing. Light this up and chill the F out. Your positive vibes are what the universe needs right now xo SMELLS LIKE Cherry Blossom, Magnolia, Rose, Rich Sandalwood

CongratsGirl, that thing you just did, I mean, wow!!! You crushed it! Take some time to celebrate the wonder of what is you, and all your latest amazing achievements. Light this up and hit the ultimate sugar high (without the empty calories) xo SMELLS LIKE Strawberry jam, vanilla cake, sugar, passionfruit and mango.

Stop and Smell the RosesGirl, hashtag blessed isn’t just a meme, it’s a mantra. Quit beating yourself up, you’re doing great Babe. Cherish what you have & stop comparing your life to the ‘gram. You’ve got so many amazing things coming your way xo SMELLS LIKE Roses, Carnations, Lily of the Valley, Ylang Ylang, Powder

You Grow Girl - She believed she could, so she did!  Stay strong and stay positive, beautiful Babe.  Yesterday's historey, tomorrow's a total mystery.  Magical things happen when you trust yourinner Girl Boss. She's got your back. You grow girl! xo SMELLS LIKE Cucumber, honeydew, cantaloupe, aloe powder, fresh air.

Dog Moms -First of All, That's My Child - Girl, you’re like a regular mom, but way cooler. And that response you get when you‘re struttin’ down the sidewalk together proves you have, by far, the cutest kid in town.  SMELLS LIKE Orange Blossom, Citrus, Neroli, Fresh Leaves, Jasmine, Patchouli.

Boy Moms - It's Not a Job Title, It's An Experience - There once was a boy who stole your heart, and now he calls you Mom. Sure, Mommin’ ain’t easy, but being a Boy Mom is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, not a job title.  SMELLS LIKE Cardamom, Citrus, Palo Santo, Saffron , Sandalwood, Amber